Why I find it strange to have a degree in geography

Fifteen days ago I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BA (Major: Geography; Minor: Marketing). Goodness it feels forever ago already.

I have always felt it strange to me to be a geography major and not to have traveled many places.  My parents have taken me on vacations since I can remember but we rarely varied from Florida, Lake Cumberland, or Gatlinburg. The furthest state west I have been to is Tennessee, the furthest state east I have been to is Maryland, and the furthest state south I have been to is Florida (who hasn’t been to Florida, though?).  I have only traveled out of the US once (Canada) and that was when I was a two year old child.  I have no memories of that trip to Canada.

I want memories of travel, I want to see different cultures, amazing landscapes, and try different cuisines before I become an old git that is saying “I should have done this.”  I don’t have the money to just go wherever (I’d love to go to Italy or Greece, or at the very least a western state).  I never attempted to study abroad because I don’t want to put that burden on my parents to pay for it, but I have to think of something to fund a trip of some kind.

One day I’ll work up the courage to just throw some things in my car and drive west.  I hope that one day is before I’m that old git.