The Plague that is Twitter Parody Accounts

Twitter is a great tool for many things: expressing yourself, marketing yourself/company, keeping up with trends, interacting with your favorite athletes/celebrities/musicians, and having news relayed to you instantly.

That’s the good.  The bad about Twitter: spam bots, having to limit yourself to only 140 characters, putting up with that creeper that favorites every one of your tweets, and those wicked parody accounts.  In case you don’t know exactly what a parody account is, I’ll explain to you what it is in my own words.

A parody account assumes the image of a real life human being (Will Ferrell for instance), a meme (Bad Luck Brian), a character from a movie/tv show/comic book, or an inanimate object then (somehow) gains thousands of followers.  The parody account usually begins to tweet content similar to the character that it is trying to mimic, but eventually strays from the character and will tweet recycled inspirational quotes, jokes and memes that get (again, somehow) retweeted thousands of times.  These accounts often steal jokes from many Twitter comedians, and fear no repercussions because there are none. Twitter has nothing (to my knowledge) in their terms over “theft” of tweets.

There is usually a public shaming from other Twitter comedians when an account steals a joke, but the parody account rarely replies or even acknowledges the shaming and just keeps on tweeting the same garbage quotes and images.  It is also humorous to note that these parody accounts typically put in their bios an email address for jokes or bookings.  Yeah because I’m going to book a twitter account that does not have an original thought.

Here is a list of parody accounts, to my knowledge, and in no particular order:

  • Kevin Hart (25+ accounts)
  • Condescending Wonka (105+ accounts in many languages)
  • Will Ferrell (105+ accounts)
  • Katt Williams (105+ accounts)
  • Justin Bieber (Somewhere in the tens of thousands – guesstimate)
  • Bad Luck Brian/Every Popular Meme (105+ accounts)
  • Every single superhero known (infinite)
  • Rob Delaney (Only 5 – 7 possible parody accounts)
  • Jay Gatsby (25+ accounts; only 1 tweets quotes from The Great Gatsby)

There are MANY more to list, but I don’t have the time nor the patience to go through every single mimicked celeb and meme.

Point of this post is: Please don’t retweet these garbage accounts whatsoever (though I am probably guilty of this early on in my Twitter life circa 2010).  You are all better than this.  If you need to get your meme fix go to 9gag, Reddit, or the like, or just follow actual funny people.  These accounts kill creativity and brain cells.


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