Xbox One: Where’s the (New) Gaming?

Microsoft announced on May 21st, 2013 their new console gaming system, Xbox One. (Here are some highlights)

It was an elaborate show, aesthetically, but Microsoft did not really reveal much of anything when it came to gaming.  Sure, now you can have “Xbox TV” through your Xbox and tell it to “Change to channel 6” or to “open TV guide.”  Pretty cool commands, but of the game trailers Microsoft showed only one was a preview of a new franchise, Quantum Break.  I am not even quite sure what type of game Quantum Break is because the teaser was confusing (A little girl is asked by her Mom/Aunt/Friend why “she’s different” then the little girl touches mommy/aunty/friendy’s ear lobe(?) and afterwards a ship crashes into a bridge).  The game is supposed to combine television and gaming into a complex, great story, but all I got from the preview was that there was a marked difference between the HD “TV scenes” and the gameplay, or it could have been the cinematic visuals – no one was clear about it.  It could be cool, but it likely will be poorly done with millions of dollars wasted on the project, and the last thing America needs is to integrate television AND gaming. Obesity rates may grow…

Microsoft trotted out mainstays such as Call of Duty (bleh), the EA Sports franchises (meh), and Halo (Live-Action Halo series by Steven Spielberg though!). For some reason Microsoft also trotted out Forza Motorsports 5 – “Next Generation Racing”. Great another racing game with “sick” graphics, but still poor gameplay and difficulty controlling your car around curves and bends. Racing games should stay in the arcade in my opinion!

From memory, I think the gaming aspect of the Xbox One was only spoken about for 25 minutes of the presentation.  Yeah it’s cool to talk about all the new things that this little box that looks like a crappy VCR, but shouldn’t the emphasis be on gaming, not all the new ways that you can scoop money out of people’s pockets?  The best way to get that money out of people’s pockets is to create good games and stop rehashing old games for the 5th, 6th, 7th, etc. installment, though people sadly keep buying the trash 5th+ installments.  If you create the fun, interactive, compelling games, you will attract the true gamers and even start to corral new gamers.

Maybe I’m just being selfish wanting new franchises that expand beyond shooters and sports.


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