Hey, Other Guys, Let’s Stop Cheating? You’re Making Everyone Look Bad.

After reading Deadspin’s story, The Mostly Sexless Sex Scandal That Shook ESPNI began to think “Why do my fellow males like to cheat on their significant others so much?”, especially those in power. (Women cheat too, but it aggravates me more when males do it since it feels as if one male does it, it somehow represents us all.)

Is it that hard to stay in a committed relationship?

I see it all the time: athletes, musicians (there were too many to put one link), movie stars, celebrities*, politicians, and people that I know personally (this sickens me the most).  I just don’t get it; why be in a relationship only to fool around on the side?  Is it because of the rush, the whole “we-shouldn’t-be-doing-this” aspect of it all?  I can’t quite be sure since I have never cheated on someone nor been a part of a long-term relationship, but why cause emotional harm to someone “that you love” and care about?

Also, the “we don’t have sex often” gripe is weak.  If you have a problem in your relationship talk about it with that other person in it, don’t be that guy who cheats; I’d rather be that guy who talks about it and if a break-up happens, it happens.  Being an “asshole ex” is better than being a “cheating ex” by [millions of] miles.

I try not to delve too much when I notice someone that I know personally cheating, but I do feel a twinge of guilt knowing that I can possibly stop them or alert their significant other.  Yet I don’t step in because I feel it is not my place to interject and “ruin” lives by spewing what I have seen to others, but if I saw, or heard, a close friend trying to cheat I would stop that.

*Those that are somehow famous because of: A) Famous family members, B) Rich families, C) Sex tape(s), or D) No clue, but they’re famous.