Band of the Week: Paramore

Just like last week, this is an established band with plenty of success, but ,as with the Killers, I cannot get enough of them.  I even bought a poster of the band that hung in my freshman dorm room. (Some idiot “accidently” ripped it down by bumping into it.)

Paramore is led by spitfire Hayley Williams (the only member casual fans know and consider the band as her’s; that’s just another reason casual fans suck) at vocals, Jeremy Davis at bass, and Taylor York at drums.  The three-person group is described as alternative rock, emo, and pop-punk, but I consider them more pop-punk now because of the mainstream feel of their past two albums.  I would like to point out that though Paramore is “mainstream” now, they are still a great band to listen to, even the slower and more “lovey-dovey” songs, and Hayley Williams still brings it very much so with her powerful vocals.

My favorite songs of Paramore include:

Misery Business (classic; song that got them a large following after a lot of plays on MTV)
Brick By Boring Brick

Give them a listen, especially their self-titled album Paramore, or my personal favorite Riot!.


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