E3: What Has Me Excited So Far

E3, known as Electronic Entertainment Expo, is held every year during the summer in Los Angeles to showcase technological advances in various electronics: (edit: just realized this announcement did not happen at E3 it just happened to coincide with E3 announcements:) our phones (Apple’s new iOS), but mostly it has become known as a video game convention for the major powers (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) and smaller companies trying to breakthrough.

E3 can make or break a video game, but it is not the end all for video games.  Before Halo (created by Bungie) became a multi-billion dollar first person shooter (FPS) franchise, it was showcased at E3.  It was one of the few video games to succeed (I couldn’t think of a word that meant x1000 of success) by not having an amazing showcase.  It was seen as average and likely to fail.  Yet despite Halo’s success, having a good showing at E3 is of utmost importance and should be seen as a preseason “Super Bowl” of sorts for video game creators.  Halo is the exception, not the rule.

Now after that brief and trite history lesson I presented you here is what I am excited about so far from E3:

The aforementioned Apple iOS 7: Excited

I was much very so an ardent defender of everything PC and Microsoft, but after my four years of university I have seen the light, or basically I have become educated.  Not everything Apple makes is superior to Microsoft and the like, but not everything Microsoft and the like make is as dazzling as what Apple makes – no creates!  I won’t delve into much but this new iOS will change the look of the interface completely as well as make it easier to access the settings of your iPhone.

Halo 5: Mildly Excited

Okay, so there was a reason I used Halo in that brief history lesson of E3.  I have always loved the series, though the storylines have been rather dull and predictable.  Halo 2’s multiplayer made Xbox Live successful with many advances in gameplay, and Halo 3 made Xbox Live with the Xbox 360 successful with customization, forge, and map packs (though I think DLC should be free).  Now after a fourth installment not by Bungie, we are here at 5.  I love this series and really want it to succeed, but I will be going in with no expectations and hoping to get the best I can out of it.

Xbox One: I Could Not Care Less

I bought the Xbox, as well as the Xbox 360.  I paid my yearly subscription to Xbox Live up until last June when my studies overtook my gaming time and planned to wait out until the new Xbox console arrived.  After the reveal,  I was left with a feeling of “bleh, this just doesn’t feel right.” E3 has yet to change my mind either.  With the staggering cost of $499, the lack of being able to take my game(s) over to my friends, inability of buying used games, and having to be online at all times, I believe I will take my money elsewhere. (I will play Halo 5 whenever one of my friends stupidly spends money on this VCR box that can do everything, but seemingly play games.


Before the Xbox ruled my gaming life, I had been playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) since I was a mere four years old.  Playing every single Mario game, every version of Donkey Kong (possibly my favorite SNES games of all-time), Mortal Kombat, and many other games that I recognize and remember how to play, but cannot remember their names.  Nintendo revealed more information on Pokemon X & Y where a new type (Fairy) and a handful of new ‘mons were showcased – truly exciting!  There were many other reveals in Nintendo’s 45~ minute long “Nintendo Direct” video this morning. Click the link to see them!

I am very excited to hear and see all this news about something I love and do not get to do very much of anymore.  Keep gaming my friends!