Band of the Week: Little People

I apologize for not posting this yesterday.  I really need to get in the habit of not being tangled up in (pointless) things, but nevertheless here it is.

Little People is the Band of the Week, and so far it may be the least well known, but that doesn’t matter around here – quality does!

Little People is actually not a band is the regular sense (drummer, bassist, lead guitarist, lead singer, etc.), but rather one man – Laurent Clerc.  Clerc describes Little People as “downtempo electronic music” that features “beats, bleeps, and real live instrumentation.”

I heard Little People through Pandora Radio on The Xx radio station; a station that is mellow, but leads to alternative and electronic music, among other genres.  My favorite song by Little People is “Moon” and it is a dandy; it is also the first song I heard from Little People so love at first sound.  There is something hypnotic about “Moon” – it makes me more concentrated on thinking about my current task -> be that exercising, writing a blog post, or just thinking about life down the road.  It’s quite the song, and I will dedicate my Wednesday to listening to more of Little People.

You can listen to Little People, and download free music, by going to this website.


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