Problems I have with Current Books and Movies and Why The Hunger Games Broke My Heart


Seriously Hollywood and Stephenie Meyer, read the first sentence of this blog post.  Now read it twenty more times.  There could be, and probably are, a plethora of blog posts over similar movies and books.

After reading this Buzzfeed article/post/story (I’m not sure what to call Buzzfeed write-ups), I started to rant a bit on my personal twitter account, but stopped myself a few tweets in for fear of exhausting my followers.  Sure some of these books are original ideas, yet the very first entry in that post, Divergent, sounds A LOT LIKE Hunger Games.  The author (of the post) even mentions, “This will be the next Hunger Games, mark my words.”*

Divergent is about a dystopian society, dystopian fiction is a favorite of mine by the way, where a teenage protaganist has to “change the future” for five factions.  There aren’t 13 districts (+ The Capitol) like in Panem, but teenage protagonist, dystopian society, factions/districts, and likely a love story mixed in there makes it sound like The Hunger Games and the painful Twilight series, though Twilight is supernatural and not science fiction I’ll lump it in there anyhow.  The Buzzfeed author claims, though, that there are “no love triangles,” so America will be stuck with whatever guy/girl the main character swoons over.

Side note: Though the Buzzfeed author likely means that it is the next teenage movie series (e.g. Twilight) and teenage movie series make boatloads of cash, unfortunately.

I am not trying to belitte Veronica Roth, author of Divergent series, or other young adult authors, but can you guys come up with something new?  I don’t care if the main character is a male or female (strong females are the most fascinating characters), but I want the books for young adults to be interesting, thought-provoking, and not watered down.

Once these books do get made into films, the novel (The Hunger Games – which I truly liked reading) becomes SO WATERED DOWN (even more so for a bad book) AND TEEN FRIENDLY THAT IT RUINS THE BOOK AND SERIES FOR ME.  Sorry for that outburst, but the movie was such bullshit.  It’s a movie about teens killing eachother and it gets a PG-13 rating because nearly all of the killing is and seriousness of it gets removed and is replaced with this lovey-dovey love triangle (granted there IS a love triangle in the series, it is magnified in the first movie installment).  I’m not a violence-monger, but I like it when films at least try to stay true to the book.  The Hunger Games had so much potential and that potential was all stripped away from it just to make more money.

I’m ending this rant before I can’t stop.  Please authors, producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, production companies, take risks on “different” scripts, novels, genres, characters, etc.


2 thoughts on “Problems I have with Current Books and Movies and Why The Hunger Games Broke My Heart

  1. Have you read Divergent? It may seem similar to the Hunger Games, but I’ve read both the Hunger Games series and two out of the three Divergent books (since the third one has yet to be released) and the plot of the two stories is completely different from one another. In the Hunger Games, you have the 12 districts who are under the control of the capitol and must sacrifice their for war retributions so that they will “learn” not to invoke another war. In Divergent, it takes place in a futuristic Chicago that is split into five factions with five distinct virtues for each faction. The children in the Hunger Games have their name drawn lottery-style to partake in a death match, while in the Divergent series, all 16 year olds will a faction that they will devote the rest of their lives too.

    • I admit I have not read Divergent and should before I make any claims, but it just seems very similar from the outset. Teenage protag, dystopian (though dystopian novels/films can run the gamut on what constitutes dystopian) novel, factions and districts, and the likelihood of a “love” factor (is there one?).

      I shouldn’t be ignorant of a novel before I post, though, and I will take your word that Divergent is different than The Hunger Games.

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