Band of the Week: Counting Crows

Alas, I am back to an established band for ‘Band of the Week.’  I heard a Counting Crows song today and I remembered a former roommate of mine was very fond of them, let’s call him ‘Randy’ and let’s also delve into the Counting Crows.

The Counting Crows formed in 1991 in Berkeley, California, and consist of SEVEN members. Goodness, that nearly rivals Arcade Fire (7-10~) and Slipknot (8) for that many current members in band (at least from the top of my head).  The most well-known member is Sideshow-Bob Adam Duritz on vocals/piano and his “interesting” hair (side note: he also has an amazing dating history).  Other members, and their respective instruments, include Millard Powers (bass), David Bryson (guitar), Charlie Gillingham (accordion/keyboards), David Immerglück (banjo/guitar/mandolin), Dan Vickrey (lead guitar), and Jim Bogios (drums).  I’ll be quite honest: before this post I had no idea what the names of the other members were, but after some research I do (though I doubt I’ll remember them; sorry guys!).  The Counting Crows also own their own label, which is very cool and lets the group truly put out their music, not some record label producer that wants to force the band in a different direction for monetary purposes.

From  This is Adam Duritz's 'interesting' hair.  It's just dreadlocks, but the locks just look strange on him.  He would look very different without them, though.

From This is Adam Duritz’s ‘interesting’ hair. It’s just dreadlocks, but the locks just look strange on him. He would look very different without them, though.

The Counting Crows rose through the ranks of the very popular genre of alternative rock in the 90’s and still have quite the following. (side note: Roommate Randy said when he went to his first Counting Crows concert, “It was the most chill concert ever.  Most of the people there were in their later-20’s or early-30’s.” ‘Yuppies’ was a term he used as well to describe the crowd.) They are one of the few alternative rock bands – to my knowledge – that did not fall flat after a hit song in the 90’s.

That hit song, and probably one of Randy’s favorite songs, is Mr Jones.  It is probably my favorite song of theirs as well, which is significant because I would always josh with Randy that the Counting Crows “sucked,” even though I definitely knew that they do not.  The actual ‘Mr. Jones’ was revealed by Adam Duritz; Mr. Jones is Duritz’s longtime friend Marty Jones.  Everyone, even the hardest* humans that listen to music, knows this song and likes this song.

The Counting Crows, along with a few other select bands, epitomize 90’s alternative rock: wonderful sound, relatable lyrics, and singers with interesting (hair), but powerful voices.  They are on  tour this summer, and you should definitely check them out if you get the chance and want to experience a ‘chill concert.’ Or you should listen to one of their seven albums, most recently Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation).

*hardest as in ‘toughest’ or ‘roughest.’