Update on League of Legends

So I posted a few days ago about me starting to play a new video game, League of Legends (or LoL as it is also known as).

I’ll just say: things have not been going so well.

The game itself is not the problem.  The tutorial was very helpful and I got pretty acclimated with how the game would work just through the single tutorial (it lasted roughly 10-15~ minutes).  It is very Diablo 3 hack&slash-esque with the camera angle and movement of the players.  The moves are easy to understand and the selection of default buttons to use these moves are very well done. Keep in mind, though, that I have played very little of LoL, so any problems that frequent players of LoL face with the game I will likely not know about, and will not know about unless I can actually play it.

My problem began when I started playing the battle training tutorial.  After being shown around the map by the computer (or some being, I’m sure there’s a name for the narrator’s voice), I wanted to change the video settings because I noticed some tearing and low FPS during the first tutorial.  From playing games like World of Warcraft and Diablo, I know that my computer is a slouch and to remedy the problem I need to lower the video quality to the bare minimum, otherwise it will lag tremendously and me at a severe disadvantage against other players.

So I open the video settings and begin to change the settings accordingly.  I change “environment settings,” “character settings,” “Shadow settings,” to “very low” and then I change the game from full-screen to windowed.  I expect there to be a bit of lag and a still screen for a few seconds as the game and my computer are changing the settings, but what happens?  LoL goes kaput and shuts down completely!  What?!  I know my computer isn’t the best for video games, but I have never had this happen to me before where the game just shuts down on it’s own because of changing the settings.

I think, “Well it’s got to be an anomaly and likely something I did.”  Nope.

Six or seven more times and the exact same thing every time.  I even tried to change the settings one by one, instead of a mass overhaul.  (side: There isn’t a way to change the settings without being in a game, which I find strange and highly stupid.)  Each time I would have to go through a litany of “tips” showing me what’s what before beginning the battle training tutorial, and there is no way to shut those off either.  I have even tried playing without changing the settings, but alas it becomes so laggy and the screen tears frequently.

All in all it has been a horrible experience.  Not the game itself, but trying to fix things.