3 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

A few weeks back I wrote about how parody twitter accounts are an absolute pain on twitter because of how they steal original material from comedians, and constantly recycle old jokes/phrases.

Now I offer my wisdom on what accounts you should follow! (note: though some accounts are not verified, it is important to note that these accounts are not parody accounts even though the accounts do not have typical “names.”)


@HuffPoSpoilers falls for the “click-bait” that Huffington Post has set for articles that are tweets (or headlines in general) and shares them to his followers so we do not have click the link with a misleading article title.  @HuffPoSpoilers uncovers Huffington Post stories on celebrities, popular new stories, and other news that are making headlines through the many Huffington Post twitter accounts.


Chelsea Peretti is a comedian and a very random one at that.  Her randomness is what makes her so endearing; she is definitely herself and I love that a comedian can be funny and real at the same time.  Like I said twice, she is random, but very hysterical (and a heavy user of caps).  She also has a podcast that is equally as funny as random as her tweets.  Follow her for funny.


Buzzfeed, like Huffington Post, is a news site, but also an entertainment site.  Buzzfeed is like the sillier and lighthearted brother/sister of any and all news sites.  Typically Buzzfeed will post links to stories about such things as “30 Ways That You Know You’re Almost 30!” and then show 30 pictures, or GIFs, illustrating how you may be almost thirty.  Buzzfeed does run serious stories and you can tell if the story will be serious or not right from the article title.  If you want news along with GIFs of cats, then Buzzfeed is a great pick.


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