Comment Sections: Why Is There Such Venom In Them?

Comment sections are very necessary, in my opinion, for every online article, blog post, video post, etc.  There just has to be one because I, and I’m sure I’m not alone, love to read other reactions from our fellow humans.  Comments can be humorous, enlightening, direct you to a story of a similar nature, but sadly they can also be filled with hatred.  Nasty, disgusting hatred.

I recently read this article on Yahoo! (Don’t judge me) and I was appalled at the ‘top comments’ and how many ‘thumbs up’ each had got.

(In case you don’t want to read the article: it’s a celeb article on Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Mann hanging out on the beach during the filming of The Other Woman)

One comment reads: “Looks as if Kate is putting on a couple of pounds” – 460 likes, 144 dislikes (I’m just gonna put likes instead of thumbs up)

Another: “I think Kates [sic] waist is wider than her hips and shoulders. She has the shape of a barrel.”  – 24 likes, 4 dislikes

Another: “Upton looks like a balloon. Diaz has lost her good looks. Who’s the other one?” – 150 likes, 62 dislikes

Another: “Flaunts????? she’s (Upton) looking a little “ROUND” to me.” – 11 likes, 2 dislikes

And countless comments about Upton eating at fast food restaurants.

Now what in the world is wrong with these people?  Why make these venomous comments on these women (particularly Upton)?  I know people get a jolly out of riling up others by trolling, but this isn’t trolling, this is how people actually feel and think it is perfectly okay to say this.  It’s no wonder everyone has at least a bit of body issues in America with constant criticisms and rude remarks, online and in person.  Some commenters post under anonymous names, while others decide to put their actual name next to their degrading comments.

We do have a problem in America with people being overweight, but we can’t attack those that are perfectly healthy, especially ones that are role models (Upton may not be your role model, or your daughter’s role model, but I guarantee she’s somebody’s role model somewhere).  We, as Americans, also have a problem with people having success, and we tend to degrade them any chance we get like these people are less than human.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t criticize people for doing dumb things, or dumb things for money, but we shouldn’t make fun of their bodies with ad hominem attacks.  It’s not going to help anyone, and it’s not going to motivate that person either.

There was some hope with one comment I saw:

Kate has such a weird looking body…it actually makes me happy. She’s a sex symbol, yet her body isn’t perfect.” 473 Likes, 71 dislikes.

At least one person gets it, kinda.