Why Are Job Sites So Confusing?

Since I graduated this past May, I have been using several different job sites (including Monster.Com and Careerbuilder.com) to broaden options for employment; to find jobs that I would not have normally thought of or heard of before.

Yet whenever I try to search for employment opportunities the results rarely have any connection to what I searched.  There was once an instant where I would type in “Marketing Jobs” and every time a job opportunity for a Pizza Hut to deliver pizzas came up.  How is that even close to marketing?  Why are the job titles also so confusing? (I realize that is more on the employers than the actual job websites, though.)   Why can’t I differentiate between entry-level and high-level jobs?  I have to start somewhere, and I don’t have enough experience to ask for an exact salary.

Also, when I do find an entry-level job, why do I need 3-5 years experience doing it?  On the job training would not take more than a week; hell, I’d likely understand how my job works within a few days.

I am also not going to pay for extra services to become “more attractive” to employers, just stop asking me.