Three More Twitter Accounts You Should Follow!

In my previous blog post about Twitter, I said you should follow @HuffPoSpoilers, @ChesleaVPeretti, and @Buzzfeed for news (x2) and a swell comedian!

Now I will introduce you to three more Twitter accounts you should follow!

If you love sports, but also absolutely love sports gossip then @Deadspin is for you.

Though @Deadspin’s tweet are articles to their website, the article titles that are tweeted are rarely deceiving and worth to fall into “click-bait” to see a .gif, picture, or video.

So you’re not into sports, or sports gossip,but you love music and especially rock music.  Well then follow Hayley Williams (@yelyahwilliams) from Paramore!

Hayley Williams will occasionally tweet about upcoming tours and shows (which is important for her craft), but you she also tweets witty musings, and often times will interact with her fans.  How cool is that to interact with one of your favorite musicians?

Finally, if you need news at all hours of the day and night, and you want news that ranges from national news (USA in this case) to issues abroad to tweets about humor then @Weeddude is your man!

He is an employee of @Buzzfeed so if you follow both like I do, you may get some overlap in news, but @Weeddude will typically tweet pertinent news before @Buzzfeed’s main account, and he’s quite hilarious on his accord!

If you would like me to offer more accounts that you should follow in anything (art, architecture, photography, etc.) then do not hesitate to ask me!


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