Just Apply For Jobs. Anywhere.

I know, I know.  Another job post. But this one isn’t all doom and gloom as the other ones!

I didn’t heed this advice until about a few weeks ago because I was determined to get a job in my field, or at least my minor’s field. (Geography, and marketing respectively.)  Now I am just applying anywhere I can, but with some restraint on what company and what position.  I’m not going to apply to become VP of Google because that would be an excruciating waste of time, unless I wanted their job board selectors to have a nice laugh.

With that said I have been applying to positions where I have skills that I did not necessarily learn in college (some I did), but either learned in my free time or during high school.  These include: video editing, social media, writing/blogging, internet research skills, Microsoft Office Suite, among other skills.  I also have been trying to pursue a job in things that I have a great interest in, but may not the highest aptitude for a certain position: music and sports, particularly.

I’m just trying to find my place!