Myth Of Being A Freshman

A friend of mine is about to venture off to college in less than a month.  She’s nervous, excited, sad, happy, all kinds of emotions are flowing through her mind.  I told her if she needed someone to answer any questions I’m there for her.

She didn’t really ask me this question, but rather stated that she “finally was on top (as a senior) and now she has to start all over again as a freshman!”

Um.  Well I can tell you this, being a senior in high school doesn’t give you many perks other than that you’ll be able to get out of there within the year, while everyone else still has a year or more to go.  It also is notable that being a freshman isn’t a death sentence.  Movies (such as Dazed and Confused) portray freshman boys as meat-bags for the seniors to beat up on, pick on, and hit with paddles.  Movies also show that freshman girls are tormented heavily by senior girls for various reasons (this does happen to a certain extent but not as much as in the movies).

Basically, American media and culture has set out to make it seem like being a freshman is worse than any disease imaginable and that freshman should fear for their lives.  That is patently false.  Now are there kids that try to fill that role as ‘jerk senior’? Of course there are, but they are trying to live up to that cultural standard of the ‘jerk senior’ that is presented to them in shows and movies.

Though it was a long eight years ago (gulp, I’m old), I don’t remember much of any chiding from older kids.  Maybe a senior would yell something idiotic to me in passing, but I was never shoved in a locker, never given a swirly, never given a super-wedge, none of that whatsoever.  Again, those things do happen across America, but not every day – if it does happen every day to you please see your guidance counselor, principal, or tell your parents because that’s not cool.

Maybe I was just brought up in a city that didn’t do those things regularly, maybe the bullies in the city just got lazy and started bullying online (which is a big problem), or it just didn’t come into anyone’s mind to do those things to poor little freshman.  Again, talk to someone if you are being bullied because being bullied isn’t cool.  Stand up for yourself and others when you can.

Being A College Freshman

There is absolutely no reason to be fearful if you’re a college freshman because there are thousands just like you.  Happy, nervous, excited, scared to start their new lives, doing new things, meeting new people – you are not alone.

Besides the initial first month of school, people are relatively on the same level.  No one cares if you’re a freshman, just like no one cares that you’re a senior.

So don’t be scared at all, freshman.

Pro Tip: Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck.  Not because it signifies you being a freshman, but because someone can come along rip on it and cause you some physical harm.