Orange Is The New Black: Best Show On Netflix

That’s right.  Orange Is The New Black is the best show on Netflix, and possibly even what cable offers (until Breaking Bad returns).  And incase you were wondering, the show was created by Jenji Kohan.  Yes, the same woman who brought us the delightful Weeds (though, personally I think Weeds started to lose it’s pizzazz after season 2).

The drama/comedy (to me it is a drama/comedy at least) is about 30 something Piper Chatman (Taylor Schilling) surrendering herself to a New York State prison on charges for drug smuggling. (Fun fact: Orange Is The New Black is based off the memoir of Piper Kerman)


Source: Orange Is The New Black IMDB page

I don’t want to ruin the show for you with too many spoilers, but every character is very likable (except Officer Mendez, and you’ll see what I mean when you watch) and you see their personal struggles.  Personal struggles that are very, very real to many women across this country.  The show does a very good job with nearly an all-female cast, a cast that features many excellent minority actors (the actress that plays ‘Tasty’ is the best!) and a cast that is relatively unknown (Jason Biggs, aforementioned Schilling, and Laura Prepon were the only ones I knew by name).

It’s not a rehash of Scared Straight (though the show does have an instance where the inmates have to scare teenagers ‘straight’), and it’s not gruesome, in the sense of violence.  Go watch all thirteen episodes over the weekend like I did last weekend! You won’t regret it! Binge!


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  2. Great show. Even Mendez becomes more complex by the end of the series. Can’t wait for the second season.

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