Advice To Those Younger Than Me

Or anyone that is still caught up in what I’m going to discuss.

My advice to you reading this is: Let go of what happened in high school.  All the drama, all the rumors, all weird traditions, all the fuss over popularity, all the mean things that people said to you, and all that hate you may have bottled up.  Let it go.

High School is to an American child as a hemorrhoid is to an adult: a pain in the ass.

There are lots of lessons to be learned from high school: how to do basic algebra, how to deal with people you don’t particularly like, how to make it through the day, and remembering which days you should pack your lunch.  Sure, they aren’t the biggest life lessons, but they’re something.  Yet the main point I’m getting at is, stop holding grudges, stop trying to stir up trouble that has been over and done with years ago, and don’t strive to be “one of the cool kids” because it’s likely “one of the cool kids” has a kid of their own, or is really into cocaine, or has terrible alcoholism already, or is still trying to be a “cool kid” with the new crop of high schoolers.

Trying to get in with your past is bad news bears because it’s your past, and it sucked in high school.  Move on, be better than that, and let the “cool kids” rot.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay in touch with people you really connected with in high school (there are some good souls out there that I trudged through the halls with everyday), but don’t go out of your way to try to get into the stay limelight of yesteryear.