Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Duets To Be Released

Apparently in 1983, the best frontman in the world (I’m a little biased), Freddie Mercury, and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, recorded three demos at Jackson’s residence. According to a Mercury biography, Mercury said, “They were great songs, but the problem was time – as we were both very busy at that period.”

I, for one, cannot wait for this because Queen is one of my absolute favorite bands of all-time, and I adore Freddie Mercury, but then add King of Pop Michael Jackson to the mix and I’m falling to pieces with happiness.  I’m likely going to wear these three songs out whenever they drop because they’re going to be stupendous.  I can’t wait until this fall!

Now I do, somewhat, have a problem with posthumous songs and albums being released, especially when they are this long ago, because it is usually a money grab for someone in the deceased artist’s family, former band, or former label.  Yet, I believe these are being released for the greater good because we need these duets.  Children of today need to experience Freddie Mercury, they need to experience Michael Jackson(‘s voice), and we all need to hear these duets in hope that they drown out that noise for a few days that is known as ‘popular music.’

Source: Rolling Stones.