Television Shows That Just Need To End

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I love television shows and nearly everything about them, but not every television show is created equal.  Some shows just don’t have a direction, some try way too hard to be different, while others just aren’t very good because of the actors, writers, or theme of the show.  Here are a few shows that I believe need to end either immediately, or at the end of this year.


simpsonsThis should have happened nearly five years ago, but The Simpsons needs to end now.  Once the show that caused outrage in the homes of young children because of it being ‘raunchy’ and ‘outrageous’ is now a show that is as raunchy as Dora The Explorerwhen compared to other animated shows at least.  We get it, Homer is a dope and does dumb-dad things, Marge has accepted her fate as a housewife, Bart is a troubled youth that could succeed if given the right support (from the family and school system), Lisa has big dreams and may or may not rise above her family’s downfalls, and Maggie hasn’t had a different pacifier ever.  It’s a classic, sure, but everything must come to an end, and The Simpsons are overstaying their welcome.


Now this could be because I’m not a middle-aged woman longing for a wild romantic life, or extra martial affair, but I do not see the point in daytime soap operas.  They are poorly written, the acting is hideous, and it makes me depressed that people (mostly women) get very into them. I am not against dramas, which what soap operas are, because we need to have our feelings messed with every now and then when we watch television so we realize we’re actually alive – especially after a long Netflix binge.  Yet soap operas do none of this (to the normal person) because of the absolute absurdity of the stories soaps present.  Cut’em off and insert in some thought provoking show, or Criminal Minds.



Dear God.  I’m not even sure how this is a show.  I’m not even sure how this is still a show.  I’m not even sure how people watch this. Someone save this child.


There’s Amish MafiaBreaking Amish, and several ‘Rumspringa’ based Amish reality shows.  Stop the bleeding.  These shows do nothing but perpetuate that the Amish are drama-filled idiots with nothing better to do than to insult one another over petty things.  Sure it may be like your real life (minus the Amish thing), but does it need to be a show? No.

If you think these shows do not need to be cancelled, or think another show should be cancelled, let me know why in the comment section.



4 thoughts on “Television Shows That Just Need To End

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  3. I agree with everything (especially Honey Boo Boo) except for the Simpsons. I watch the new episodes and think they’re funny.

    • I haven’t watched the Simpsons for a few years now, maybe they have brought back the magic they once had. I know the Simpsons and Family Guy are doing a crossover this Fall, hope that reignites my interest in the show!

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