Pokémon Of The Week: Pikachu

If you have been following my blog you know I have a penchant for doing “…Of The Week” blog posts, and I’m here to add another!

Here is the newest addition to my “…Of The Week” series: “Pokémon of the week: Pikachu.”


I selected Pikachu because it’s obviously the best Pokémon to start off with.  Everyone knows Pikachu, even people that have never even played the games, watched the shows, or had kids that did the previous two things.  He, because of the anime really, represents Pokémon as a whole, sort of like how Mario represents all of Nintendo. Everyone also loves Pikachu, except the few hardcore competitive fans.

Pikachu is an electric type and was introduced in Generation 1. He is Pokémon #25 in the National PokéDex.  His previous evolution (or pre-evo) is Pichu.  Pichu evolves into Pikachu when Pichu levels up with high friendship.  Pikachu’s evolution is Raichu, and Pikachu only evolves into Raichu when it comes in contact with a thunderstone.

Pikachu are not typically the best option for battling in the video games because of their middle to low base stat total (BST), unless they are holding the item ‘Light Ball’ which powers up it’s special attack moves tremendously.  So if Pikachu were real, they’d be better as cuddle buddies (unless they electrocute you!) than battlers, though they’d be cute battlers!

For more information about Pikachu check out this link to Bulbapedia.

Here’s a picture of Pikachu with a mustache:


(Credit for this work goes to Pikarar.  Check out Pikarar’s Deviant Art page!)


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  6. Pikachu is definitely cute! 😀

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