Listen First Before You Judge

We all have that certain band, or artist, that we could listen to all day, all night, every second and never get tired of them.  For me that band is Taking Back Sunday.  Every single song they put out I love, absolutely love.  I have my favorites, of course, but overall I love their entire body of work.

(I recently bought their acoustic CD!)

Then we have those bands, or artists or genres, we completely and utterly despise.  Everyone and their brother will tell you “Nickelback sucks!” or “Creed is so bad!” or “Taylor Swift has no place on my radio!”  Yet I ask them, “Have you ever listened to Nickelback? (or Creed, or Taylor Swift)?”  Most say, “Well, no they’re terrible!”  How can you judge the musicians if you’ve never even given them a chance?

(Side note: I do dislike Nickelback mainly because most of their songs sound the same, Creed is okay, and Taylor Swift could be worse but she’s acceptable.)

Maybe those aren’t the best examples, so I’ll use genres instead.

When I was away at college I lived in a duplex with five other guys, so six total in one duplex.  My one roommate would always give me flak over listening to screamo music (it wasn’t really full-on banshee screamo, but rather bands like A Day To Remember, Killswitch Engage, and the like).  He’d always ask how I could stand that and not get headaches.  Every time he brought this up to me I would always say immediately, “Try listening to it once, man.  Just once give it a go and see what you think.”  He would always reply, half-heartedly, “Yeah, sure I’ll get on that.”

A few months after the initial conversation on screamo, I could hear some screamo ringing down from his speakers upstairs (he had sick speakers).  I had the biggest smile on my face when he came down and told me, “All right, Brad. SOME screamo is okay and I like it.”

I was so happy that I had introduced my roommate to some new music, but there was a catch. “Now you have to listen to some country music!” he grinned.

“No! Not that!” I thought, but after thinking about how I tried so hard convincing him into liking a new type of music I gave in and let him give me some suggestions for country music.

After listening to country music, I will say that country music isn’t as terrible as I had originally thought.  There are some great country singers (Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert to name two), but overall country music is not my cup of tea.  I won’t bag on anyone who happens to like country, even if it isn’t my favorite genre.

Remember: to each their own, but make sure you at least give any and all music a chance.