Band of the Week: The xx

The way I learned of this band was through a friend constantly badgering me to listen to them.  It’s not that I was indifferent to his music taste (he had above average music taste), but I was just so forgetful with trying to complete my degree and what not.  Finally I decided to just start listening to them one afternoon when he was at it again telling me to listen to “The xx.”

I listened to the “Intro” and I was hooked ever since.

The xx performing in Jacksonville, Florida.

The xx performing in Jacksonville, Florida.

The xx formed in London, England and are currently made up of three members (Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith).  The genre that they are known for playing is known as Indie Pop or Dream Pop (I swear more and more genres sprout up each and every year!) and their influences range from Aaliyah to The Cure to Belle & Sebastian.  Quite the range.

To me, most of their music is slower tempo with more focus on the actual music, but their lyrics aren’t too shabby either (when it is a song that has lyrics in it, that is).

Though a mashup, one of the best songs featuring The xx is “Kanye West vs. The xx – Touch The Sky (Carlos Serrano Mix)” because of the perfect fit between “Intro” and “Touch the Sky.”

Aside from mashups, my favorite The xx songs are:

Swept Away
Together (Which was featured on The Great Gatsby)

Catch them on tour if you get the chance!

Have a favorite The xx song not listed, or think a different band should have been “Band of the Week” this week? Let me know in the comments and share this with a friend!


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