Guitar Rhythm Strumming Video

Update on my acoustic guitar playing.

I had been having a devil of a time switching between chords and keeping the rhythm going, so I looked to YouTube for help!

It led me to a man named Mary Schwartz and his videos are very helpful! He does talk a bunch, which can be seen as a waste of time when a player wants to just get to the tips, but he does a great job explaining things and helping you through the processes!

His Youtube account will have tips and instructional videos on how to cover popular songs, but the real tips will come from the website GuitarJamz.  That rhythm video I spoke of earlier can be found here.

Happy playing!


3 thoughts on “Guitar Rhythm Strumming Video

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  2. I’ve seen his videos, he pretty much taught me all the basics of playing guitar. His videos are pretty awesome!

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