VMA News: Kanye West Set To Perform

Per Rolling Stone, Kanye West will perform at the August 25th award show.

West and Lady Gaga are the only confirmed acts thus far.

This is exciting news because Kanye West is one of the most polarizing and talented figures in music today and his performances are usually electric, but West has been known to cause controversy at the Video Music Awards. Here’s hoping he causes some more because the Video Music Awards are typically boring affairs that give out awards to (in my opinion) undeserving artists.  It’s also quite a riot that MTV has Video Music Awards when they only play music videos in the wee hours of the night and early morning.

(I apologize for the quality, this was the best video I could find that would let me embed.)

As for the other confirmed performer, Lady Gaga will be debuting her new single “Applause.”  The fame monster will likely break records for her new album Artpop.  Read more about Lady Gaga’s new album at the National Post.