Artist To Avoid: Machine Gun Kelly

Before you begin reading the meat of this post, this type of post “Artist To Avoid” will not happen on a weekly, or even monthly basis, because I normally dislike always dogging on artists and bands, but I believe Machine Gun Kelly warrants a post like this.

This is Richard Colson Baker, or Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK for short.

He sort of looks like a mohawk'd, tattooed version of Napoleon Dynamite with that expression.

He sort of looks like a mohawk’d, tattooed version of Napoleon Dynamite with that expression.

He a 23 year old rapper from Cleveland, Ohio.  He receives his moniker from his rapid fire rapping style, which is impressive I will say.  It’s rather humorous that he graduated from Shaker Heights High School (a Cleveland suburb high school) because of the persona he puts out there saying: “I have to hustle just to make it through the struggle but I still won’t let that get me down.” Now it’s *humorous* because Shaker Heights High School is one of the best public high schools in the Cleveland area!  There are so many great opportunities that are provided from Shaker Heights High School,  how is that struggling?

This doesn’t mean that MGK didn’t have a rough up bringing, but he was born to missionary parents and got to travel the world, though that may not be ideal for a young child.  He has lived in Houston, Egypt (where he learned Arabic, which is interesting to know), Germany then back to the U.S. in Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and then finally landing in Cleveland.  It sure sounds like a lot of travelling and leaving behind friends, but it also sounds like a wealth of experience to be had at such an early age.  Again, doesn’t sound like he’s struggling, but that isn’t the point of this post.

Now why should we avoid MGK?

Is it because his music is bad? No, that’s your mind to make up (though I believe it’s uninspired).  Is it because he’s not a positive role model? Again, that’s your choice to decide that for yourself or your children.  Is it because of his idiotic statement that he’s a top 5 rapper? Well no, but he’s really overestimating his rapping ability.  Is it because his fans are destructive, mindless tools? No, again, but his fans are people you should generally avoid.

I want you to avoid him because he is careless with his lyrics.  Off his new mixtape Black Flag, there is a song, Breaking News, where Machine Gun Kelly references an infamous concentration camp, or prison camp, known only as Auschwitz.  Now he didn’t only reference Auschwitz, but he ‘rapped’ this:

Until I’m killing everybody like in Auschwitz

What?  Why would anyone in their sane mind say this (other than to be ‘edgy’)? Does Richard Colson Baker not understand what pain and agony those poor people at the largest Nazi concentration camp went through? Is he a Holocaust denier, or something?  Is this a shot at the Jewish community?

To understand the context of that part of the song, MGK is rapping about how he’s going to be the greatest essentially (what rapper doesn’t say that), and he sandwiches that horrible line in between “Until I make an album like a 2pacalypse” and “Until I’m revolutionary like a Gandhi is” which are relatively harmless lines.  I just can’t fathom a reason, other than to be edgy, why he would add this line of lyrics.

I don’t care if you’re trying to be edgy, be edgy, but don’t be an ignorant twit while trying to be edgy.  His upbringing denotes that he should be relatively intelligent, and have knowledge of the significance of Auschwitz. This is just carelessness.

Regardless of what you think of his music, avoid him because he is careless, tries hard to be edgy, and trots out this false persona that is just so utterly obnoxious.