Fun Sports Twitter Accounts To Follow

Are you a sports fan?

Are you on twitter?

Want some more sports teams to follow?

Below I have listed several sports twitter accounts that you should follow if you love sports!  Granted it would help with a few of the accounts if you were a fan, but nonetheless they are great accounts to follow because they are fun, interactive, and very proactive on twitter.

Now this first pick may be a biased pick, but…

Follow @Reds the Cincinnati Reds Twitter account:

Sport: Baseball

Not only does the Cincinnati Reds twitter account keep you updated when a game is occurring, it also gives a slew of statistics about the team throughout the game, offers up prizes occasionally, and lets you know when a bobblehead day is forthcoming!  The account will typically answer fan questions, and will do fun interactive things like “Tweet us your favorite Reds player of all-time” then retweet fans.

The next account you should follow is… @Raysbaseball the Tampa Bay Rays twitter account:

Sport: Baseball

What’s great about this team’s twitter account is that they’re not afraid to go there.  They have been known to make snarky tweets, and troll-like tweets (like the one above), but not to the point where they’re annoying.  Their tweets are usually lighthearted and fun to read.

If you like college basketball and heavily against how the NCAA handles “student-athletes” you should follow.. @JayBIlas

Sport: College Basketball, and rightfully calling out the NCAA

Mr. Bilas is a very intelligent college basketball announcer and a complete hero when it comes to defending student-athletes when the NCAA tries to push them around.  Bilas figured out that when a college player’s name is searched on the NCAA’s e-commerce site it sends you straight to that athlete’s jersey, even though the NCAA explicitly says it does not profit off the student-athletes.  Yeah, good one.  If you want insightful tweets follow Jay Bilas.

The next twitter account that you should follow has been mentioned before, but you should follow… @Deadspin

The Cleveland Browns are a living allegory of everything wrong with America (and other reasons they suck):

Now if you’re into sports, but don’t like the mainstream sports shows on ESPN, or soon to be Fox Sports 1, then Deadspin is for you.  Granted it isn’t a show but a website dedicated to sports stories and normally sports stories people will turn into fluff.  Plenty of colorful language on Deadspin, but who cares really?

Know of more interesting sports twitter accounts?  Comment below and let me know!