Who Should Perform The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

The Super Bowl.  The All-American event.  A million stories intertwining into one big event.  It’s more than football, and is more about selling products for multi-million(/billion) dollar companies in 30 second advertisement slots.  Normally companies fall flat in these ads even though they’re so utter expensive and precious time in front of most the nation, and parts of the world now.  But aside from capitalism and football, there is the halftime show.

The halftime show is for the fans, at the stadium and home, to get a small break from football and from being marketed to by large corporations. Deciding who performs at halftime is a huge deal, especially after the Janet Jackson/Just Timberlake incident, and can cause some rumbling if the choice isn’t family-friendly, or isn’t a big name.  I think it’s a bit silly that the Super Bowl has to be family-friendly (you’re letting your kids watch gigantic men pretty much destroy each other’s bodies at horrific speeds but you won’t let them watch the halftime show if the artist isn’t family friend? Wow, you’re bright) because of the inherent violence already associated with football and the advertisements aren’t normally too family-friendly with their sexual innuendos.

So why should the halftime show suffer by putting out aging rock-stars, or Madonna? (I’m still not sure how she got the gig because she is far from family friendly.)  Last year was a nice change of pace show with Beyoncé performing because I thought she did a very good job overall, but how about a band or artist that can appeal to everyone, not just women?  Sure you could argue the halftime show is for the women, but it would still be better to have an artist or band that appeals to everyone.

Here are a few of my suggestions of who should perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show.  I realize that this year’s Super Bowl will be in New York City, and there is a possibility of it being very cold and snowy, so an option for a cold Super Bowl like this one could be local marching bands.  Nevertheless here are my suggestions:

Foo Fighters:

Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, Rock band

What’s there to hate about the Foo Fighters?  They play good music, music that people are familiar with, and they’re family friendly enough with their lyrics.  Plus Dave Grohl is the man and would put on a magnificent show.

The Black Keys:

Black Keys

Let’s give this rock duo from Akron, Ohio a shot at performing the halftime show.  They have so many good songs to choose from that I’m sure they can find a set list that will appease and amuse everyone watching.  This would be a good choice for the younger demographic.


Paramore, Hayley Williams

This would be an edgier pick, though Paramore isn’t really that edgy beyond their wardrobe and Hayley Williams’s hair.  This would appeal more to younger women, but would still draw in many younger men as well because Paramore does appeal to a wide demographic with their sound and style.  Hayley Williams always puts on a good show, so why not put them on the biggest stage on Earth, aside from the Olympics?

As you can tell I am more about rock bands performing than a single pop artist (whom usually adds several other pop artists to join them), but rock bands usually provide a better atmosphere for football and it’s fans.  I’m not saying stars like Beyoncé put on bad shows, Beyoncé put on a great show, just that bands are more likely to appeal to more people.

Disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments!


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