Chris Brown Suffers Seizure

Yesterday morning around 1 a.m. hip-hop artist and entertainer Chris Brown suffered a seizure that was caused by “extreme emotional stress.”

Now as you all know Brown is mostly known for his assault on singer Rihanna, and we’ve all seen the picture of it so I won’t post it.  Since his assault on Rihanna, Brown has been mocked by everyone on social media and in the news, which I believe he should be ridiculed for his treatment of women because there is no reason you should hit a woman.  But I believe instead of attacking him and waiting for him to slip up again on Twitter, we should have him seek help.  Send him help to make him get better as a human being instead of destroying an already tortured soul.

Now I think Chris Brown’s music is pretty much garbage, but I don’t like the idea of a human being destroying himself because of social media and other people in his line of work. He deserved to be punished for his actions against Rihanna without a doubt, but we as humans tend to be overly harsh to people in these situations instead of trying to make that person better, and people have made Brown much, much worse than he should have ever become.

We should always help, not hurt, even with those that have hurt others.  It’s tough to do so, and I even waffle back and forth with this instance because on one hand beaters of women are some of the worst people in the world, but attacking those who made severe mistakes isn’t going to make any situation better.  Help is better than harm.