Enjoy Your Afternoon With A Day To Remember

Never heard of A Day To Remember, also known as ADTR, before today?  Well good!

They’re an American rock band, but they mostly play music closely linked to sub-genres metalcore and emo-pop.  Don’t let the words “metal” or “emo” discourage you from listening because, although they occasionally scream, there is a lot to love about lead singer Jeremy McKinnon’s singing voice.

Here’s ADTR covering Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” and it sounds great:

If you liked that cover then you’ll likely enjoy most of their other music.  Their older music is much more “hardcore” and has a harsher sound to it, but is very enjoyable.  My favorite album of there’s is Homesick because it has a great mix of screamo, singing, and a wonderful rock band sound.


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