Band of the Week: Say Anything

I figured that since Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis announced the band would begin working on a new album recently that they should get some spotlight.  Also, they are a band worthy of ‘Band of the Week.’

Say Anything, Syracuse

Say Anything performing at Syracuse University.

The Los Angeles based pop-punk band, formed in 2000, has created two EPs, one “bonus disc”, and five albums as a group over the past thirteen years, with lead singer Bemis as the only constant.  Other members of Say Anything are cycled through constantly and Bemis has said that Say Anything is much like Nine Inch Nails, where he pretty much “does everything” and will have musicians fill in to tour with Say Anything.  Not including Bemis, there have been thirteen different members of Say Anything total.

Along the way, Bemis suffered many mental breakdowns and mental issues that caused the band to cancel multiple appearances on tours and festivals.  But through all the pain and breakdowns, Bemis finally got help and has not relapsed whatsoever (Source).  I would like to take this opportunity to say that look at the famous people that suffer mental illnesses and do get help and get better.  Use this as motivation for yourself and get help if you are suffering any mental ailments.  It’s okay to ask for help, I did.

Back to Say Anything.

My favorite songs from the band are “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” (Yeah I know a bandwagon pick), “Skinny, Mean Man”, “Baseball, But Better“, and “Every Man Has A Molly.”  There are obviously more songs that I like because Say Anything puts out quality music and has been doing so since their creation.

Here is “Every Man Has A Molly”:

What are your favorite Say Anything songs?


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  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing and including mine! Say Anything is definitely worthy of ‘Band of the Week’ for every week in the year.

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