First Five Random Songs On My iPod

*Or Zune, or any other mp3 player you may have

It’s a fun little thing to showcase how big of a variety of music you have on your music device.  Just hit shuffle.  If you don’ t have a personal music device, then go to Pandora, I Heart Radio, Spotify, or any radio website/app and the first five songs that come up.  Try to do a broad genre, decade, or ‘top hits of [genre]’ to get a bit more variety for you.

Here it is for me:

Yellowcard – “October Nights”

The Killers – “Why Do I Keep Counting?”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Can’t Stop”

(Geez, I thought an embarrassing song would come up)

A Day To Remember – “Here’s To The Past”

Taking Back Sunday – “Cut Me Up Jenny”

Well I’m going to do five more because five songs out of 1224 is not enough.

J. Cole – “Premeditated Murder”

Yellowcard – “For Pete’s Sake” I’ll do another since I don’t want to do the same band twice.

Rise Against – “Behind Closed Doors”

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – “Your Guardian Angel”

Eminem – “Like Toy Soldiers”

Crystal Castles – “Crimewave

There are ten random songs off my iPod!  I think I may expand upon this sort of experiment in the future, but with more of a direction.

Now you try and let me know in the comments!