Musician Of The Week: Jake Owen

I recently posted about how Jake Owen bought his own song on iTunes and it made me think that I needed to show some more love to the country music star.

Jake Owen

It was difficult to find a picture that didn’t look like it came straight out of a magazine cover shoot. As you can see I could not find a ‘normal’ one of Jake Owen. Maybe he’s just always ready for a picture.

Owen began his professional singing career in 2006 with the debut song “Yee Haw.” “Yee Haw” is supposed to be an upbeat song “to make people have a good time.”  “Yee Haw” to me seemed like your typical country song with a twangy southern voice, but I’ll give Owen a pass here because it was his debut song.

Some of his best work actually began in 2011 album Barefoot Blue Jean Night. “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” is a song, as well, and probably one of his best, and better known songs.  “The One That Got Away” does a good job of showcasing Owen’s more serious side, considering he is a party boy at heart.

I follow Jake Owen on twitter (@jakeowen if you were wondering), and what impresses me most about him above all is how he interacts with his fans.  Nowadays, popular artists typically do not interact much, if at all, with their fans, but Owen makes up for the artists that don’t interact with their fans. (I’m not saying everyone ignores their fans, but with Twitter it has made it much easier for fans and artists to interact; so you would think a popular artist would give a fan the time of day, yet it rarely happens.)  He will retweet them if they ask for, though this bothers me when people beg for retweets, and he will tweet back asking his fans “Where’s the party at” before his concerts.

I’m sure Jake Owen partakes in the pregaming of one of his concerts, but I have never officially seen him do so.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, though, because he’s a really rare performer that gives 100% and cares a great deal about his fans.  If you’re hesitant to listen to country music, or never had the urge to, give Jake Owen a listen.  He won’t disappoint.  He does sing a considerable amount about alcohol, but I’ll attribute that more to his genre than him.

Here’s his music video to “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”

And before I end this post, Jake Owen is a musician because along with singing he plays guitar at his live performances as well.


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