Pokémon of the Week: Rotom!

Since the past two Pokémon of the Week have been Pikachu and Charizard, I think a non-generation one Pokémon deserves the spotlight!

Here is the 3rd Pokémon of the Week: Rotom!


Here is Rotom with all the different forms it can become.

Rotom is an Electric/Ghost Pokémon that does not evolve, and does not have a pre-evolution.  When a Pokémon does not evolve, nor has a pre-evolution, it is known as a ‘standalone’ Pokémon.  It was released in generation four and it weak to dark and ghost types when in it’s initial form.

It is an unusual Pokémon because it can change it’s secondary type.  The type combinations are: Electric/Water, Electric/Grass, Electric/Ice, Electric/Flying, and Electric/Fire (and the initial Electric/Ghost typing).  Rotom has the most forms for a non-legendary, aside from Unown and Spinda which are only cosmetic forms rather than type-changes like Rotom.

In the anime, Rotom are shown as tricksters that like to use their different forms to wreak havoc, or cause trouble for humans and other Pokémon.  It is seen as a little spirit that inhabits appliances and uses them to cause this trouble.  It is one of the Pokémon that I would actually prefer to avoid, if Pokémon were real, because of their nature.  It’d be a difficult Pokémon to deal with!

I do, however, enjoy Rotom’s versatility when it comes to competitive battling.  The type combinations are either unique, or nearly unique, and when paired with it’s ability ‘levitate’ it becomes a viable option against many tougher Pokémon.  It also has the highest special defense of any electric Pokémon when in any of it’s forms.  Read more at Bulbapedia.

As always, I am including a deviantArt drawing to showcase how great artists can be in their own right when drawing Pokémon.  All credit always goes to the artist, here is ‘Wash Rotom and Eevee’ by purplekecleon.

Rotom, DeviantArt, Eevee

Those poor little Eevee!

Please visit purplekecleon’s deviantArt page!

Think a different Pokémon should be ‘Pokémon of the Week’? Let me know in the comments!


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