Band Of The Week: My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket is the ‘Band Of The Week.’

The psychedelic rock band from Louisville, Kentucky has been a group officially since 1998, but I somehow, sadly, did not know about them until 2009 when lead singer Jim James appeared on an episode of American Dad! titled ‘My Morning Straitjacket’ (The band played at the end of the episode as well.) It was a beyond wonderful surprise for American Dad! to include an episode with My Morning Jacket because I instantly started looking up every single one of their songs, and fell in love the more and more I listened.  It is one of the more unorthodox ways of learning about a great band, especially through a television show that’s known more for it’s irreverent comedy than the music it plays each episode.

My Morning Jacket

I was going to change the picture, but I figured that this picture showed off how big of beauties they really are. (Beauties is a good thing.)

My Morning Jacket isn’t solely a psychedelic rock band; they have ventured into other rock subgenres.  Those subgenres include: country rock, indie rock, southern rock, and roots rock.  Nonetheless, a band shouldn’t be defined by their genres, or subgenres, that people place on them because it makes them a singular and ordinary.  My Morning Jacket is far from ordinary, and in no way, shape, or form simple.

Their brilliance can be found in their lyrics (and if you’ve followed my blog long enough you know I love lyrics), and the funky, gnarly, and whatever 70’s sounding adjective you can think of, music they play.  It’s good for the soul, the mind, your emotions.  I need to see this band live, immediately.

Here are some of my favorite My Morning Jacket songs:

Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

Touch Me I’m Going To Scream – Parts 1 & 2

I Think I’m Going To Hell

What A Wonderful Man


One Big Holiday (Video Below)

What’s your opinion on My Morning Jacket? Have favorite songs that weren’t listed? Or do you think another band deserves a shot at ‘Band Of The Week’?

Let me know in the comments.


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