Listen To Music, Don’t Just Hear It

Before reading this please note I am not bagging, dissing, or demeaning anyone’s taste in music because I always believe in listening to what makes you feel good, and anyone that listens to music is all right with me. Instead I am wanting more people to listen to the music rather than just hear it, and play it because it’s popular. Popularity is very arbitrary.

What irks me the most about popular music today is that it focuses mostly on just how the music sounds, not what the music is saying. Typically, popular songs are quickly paced, offer nothing more than a memorable chorus (because it’s sung about forty times in the song), and really have no meaning to them – occasionally there will be songs that gain in popularity that are meaningful and not your typical popular song, but it’s rare.  I suppose that the meaning of many popular songs revolve around drugs, sex, partying, and/or relationships; same as many old rock and roll songs you could argue.

Billboard is one of the many indicators of music ranking through popularity, but not necessarily quality.

Billboard is one of the many indicators of music ranking through popularity, but not necessarily quality.

Now I’m not dogging popular music entirely because there are times when mindless, upbeat songs are good, such as a long car drive or if you need to ‘pump’ yourself up.  It’s natural to like a song that you constantly keep hearing on the radio, or on television.  It’s beaten into your brain. Yet popular music dumbs music down so much that people would rather just hear the music then actually listen to what it’s saying because it is easier to be mindless and lazy than to think about it.  Maybe some people really do just like hearing the bass drop, or the beats play through, instead of listening to the lyrics, or the meaning behind the song, and that’s completely and uttering fine, but you’re doing yourself a disservice by not truly listening.

I apologize if I am sounding pretentious, even an ounce, but why, as a constant ‘listener’ of music, do you not ever actually let the music envelope you?  How is it enjoyable if you’re not even listening to it all?

Explore other types of music than just the popular realm, and listen.