Musician Of The Week: Sara Bareilles

This is my third installment of the singular ‘Musician Of The Week.’  My first ‘Musician Of The Week’ was the Kiwi Kimbra, and the second was country singer Jake Owen.

Sara Bareilles released her song ‘Brave’ over four months ago, but it is still one of the best songs of the summer, even if it has too much of a poppy vibe to it.  Nonetheless, Bareilles flexed her musically talented muscles once again, and has succeeded once again, just like she did when she started to gain mainstream attention in 2007 for ‘Love Song.’  She is one of the few pop singers that actually writes her own music, and plays her own music.  I find that to be tremendous today for any musician, considering most pop singers are given a slew of writers and producers around them to create ‘original’ music.


Sara Bareilles at an MTV in 2008 (source).

Along with writing her own music, Bareilles plays the piano, the harmonium, the guitar, and the ukulele – she sings as well.  She is incredibly talented, and does her job just as well as the next pop musician – I’m truly unsure of any other ‘pop musician’ that puts this much into their music nowadays.


Here is one of my favorite songs by Bareilles, ‘King Of Anything.’


What’s your favorite Sara Bareilles song?

Do you believe she is worthy of ‘Musician Of The Week’ or do you believe someone else should get recognition?

Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Musician Of The Week: Sara Bareilles

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  4. Like the song. I haven’t ever heard of her, you can tell she wrote this herself rather than being given the song, I don’t know why, maybe she puts more into it?

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