Sports Related Post: My Fantasy Football Team

Last night I had my league’s fantasy football draft. Team name: ‘Golden Goldblums’ as an ode to Jeff Goldblum.  I was excited to have the first pick, but also realized having the first pick is more of a curse than a blessing. I selected Adrian Peterson as the first pick. Nonetheless this is the team I ended up with:

(note: I actually drafted Ryan Broyles (realized he has had back-to-back ACL tears and is still hurting) and Aaron Hernandez (as a joke obviously; he was my last pick), but had to replace them with Carson Palmer and Brandon Pettigrew respectively)


I don’t think this is too terrible of a team.  My backups are pretty weak, and I have to hope Minnesota’s defense holds up against a pretty offensive division.  I really wanted to grab one of my favorites, A.J. Green, but he was snagged about 8 picks before I could get him. I’m trying to trade away RG3 as well because his knee worries me, and I can probably get just as much out of Andy Dalton or Carson Palmer.

Let me know what you think of it, and what I can do to improve the team. (Note: it is a PPR league.)