Band Of The Week: Wolfmother

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The Band of the Week is Wolfmother!

Wolfmother is a rock band from Sydney, Australia, and have made music in rock sub-genres, such as blues rock, hard rock, heavy metal, neo-psychedelia, and stoner rock.  Quite the sub-genres, eh?

Wolfmother recording in a studio.

Wolfmother recording in a studio.

Wolfmother is currently a three-man band consisting of Andrew Stockdale (vocalist and guitarist), Ian Peres (bass, keyboard), and Vin Steele (rhythm guitar), but there have been seven other members to come through Wolfmother.  Andrew Stockdale is currently the only original member of the band left.  It always makes me a little sad when a band doesn’t have at least most of the original band members in it still, but it doesn’t diminish Wolfmother’s skill whatsoever.

Wolfmother’s original group came onto the scene in 2000, but made it big in 2005 with their self-titled debut album.  The most acclaimed song on that album was ‘Woman,’ which garnered a Grammy win for Wolfmother in the ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ category.  ‘Woman’ was the song that caught my attention when Wolfmother eventually hit the States.  It was a song that didn’t really make any sense to me at the time (I was a fifteen – sixteen year old pup when I heard it), but I thoroughly enjoyed Stockdale’s voice and pace of the song. ‘Woman’ was the song that won me over as well.  Sadly the group has only made two albums, the last one in 2009 (Cosmic Egg), and 31 songs.

Fun Fact: Wolfmother’s music appears in all three Hangover movies.

One of Wolfmother's tour posters.

One of Wolfmother’s tour posters.

My favorite songs by Wolfmother include the aforementioned ‘Woman,’ ‘Joker & The Thief,’ and ‘Apple Tree.’  Each song has an inherent meaning, as do most of the songs that I like, but there is wiggle room in each song to make it into your own sort of meaning.

Here is ‘Apple Tree’:

What are your favorite songs from Wolfmother? Had you heard of the band before this post?  What other band deserves to be ‘Band of the Week’?

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(All pictures are from Wolfmother’s website.)