Pokémon of the Week (For Last Friday): Litleo!

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Many of you reading this that have not been keeping up with the series may be asking yourself, “Who is Litleo?”

Well, Litleo is a sixth generation Pokémon and looks like this:

Litleo, Pokémon, Sixth Generation

Look at this little cutie!

This is the first Pokémon that appears to be a lion, or mostly a lion, unless you believe that the Shinx line is also based off lions.  I’d say Litleo and it’s future evolution(s), which hasn’t been revealed yet, are more lion than Shinx and it’s evolution line.

There is very little known about Litleo, but here are some known facts about it:

  • It has the unusual typing of Fire/Normal.
  • There appears to be no gender differences.
  • It is weak to ground, rock, water, and fighting type moves.
  • It is immune to ghost type moves because of it’s secondary typing of normal.

That is essentially all that is known about Litleo, but here is some fan speculation.

  • Many believe Litleo will evolve (whether straight into, or a 3-stage line) into a Pokémon based off a Manticore.
  • If it does evolve into said Manticore, it will be Fire/Poison.
  • Fire/Poison would be a unique typing.

As usual here is a deviantArt drawing of The Pokémon of the Week (All credit goes to kore7hatsumine):

Litleo, Fletchling, Pokémon

A very cute picture of Litleo with another generation six Pokémon, Fletchling.

What do you think of Litleo?  Will it evolve into a Manticore like Pokémon, or is it just extreme fan speculation? Has sixth generation done enough in your eyes for new typings?

Let me know in the comments.


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