Musician of the Week: John Mayer

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Yes, John Mayer is the ‘Musician of the Week’ this week because, aside from his personality some say, he is a great musician and creates splendid lyrics.  I think his personality is fine, but others have their own opinions and I’ll leave it at that.

Most of Mayer’s discography is of himself, one record with ‘John Mayer Trio’, but this does not mean he is relies solely on his skill and intuitiveness.  He has had collaborations with famous blues artists (Eric Clapton, B.B. King, and Buddy Guy), famous pop/country stars (Taylor Swift), and numerous bands (Fall Out Boy, among others).  He is a lot like Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor in the respect that Mayer plays myriad instruments, and can play all the individual instruments for one song and then have them pieced together.  Of course, this is impossible for live shows, but I hope you understand why this is impossible.

Here's Mayer at the Mile High Festival. (Source: Wikipedia)

Here’s Mayer at the Mile High Festival. (Source: Wikipedia)

Like previous musicians of the week, it is important to emphasize musician because I have encountered a slew of human beings that consider pop singers to be ‘musicans.’ No, pop stars are not musicians, they are singers.  A musician plays an instrument – that’s my definition at least. Aside from Lady Gaga (who can play piano), I am unsure of any other pop singers that can play instruments and/or use instruments during their performances.

Back to Mayer.

He has drawn ire from many for using the n-word in a 2010 interview by Playboy.  Mayer apologize via Twitter and at a concert in Nashville, but the damage was done for the many black Americans that were disrespected. Mayer has since been careful with his choice of words and said, “It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize… a word that is so emotionally charged.”  Yeah, I’d say so.

English: John Mayer

English: John Mayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to Mayer’s music.

Many of Mayer’s songs are pop-sounding because of their play times, but I’d consider his songs more blues-like and more soul-like music. He’s an incredibly talented guitarist, vocalist, lyricist, and, above all, musician. He has made a misstep here and there in the public realm, but it is nothing that cannot be forgiven, especially since he is apologetic about it.

Here are a few of my favorite John Mayer songs:

  • Your Body Is A Wonderland (I had to put this one.)
  • Daughters
  • Waiting On The World To Change
  • Wildfire
  • Who You Love

His new album ‘Paradise Valley’ is out now.  You should buy it and if you want to see him on tour there are plenty of dates left all over the country.

What do you think of John Mayer?

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