Rolling Stone Readers’ Poll: 10 Best Metal/Rock Albums of the ’70s

Though I think you can separate rock and metal into their own respective genres, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate certain bands from rock or metal. They’re both stellar genres in their own right.

Nonetheless, this is the 10 list from Rolling Stone.  It was in slideshow fashion, so you don’t have to actually fall for the click bait, but if you do the story is right here. The story includes pictures for each album, as well as a short summary. (This is from #1 to #10, the Rolling Stone story

Cover of "Masters of Reality"

Cover of Masters of Reality

goes from #10 to #1.)

  1. Led Zeppelin – ‘Led Zeppelin IV’
  2. Led Zeppelin – ‘Physical Graffiti’
  3. Black Sabbath – ‘Paranoid
  4. Deep Purple – ‘Machine Head’
  5. Van Halen – ‘Van Halen’
  6. AC/DC – ‘Highway to Hell’
  7. Aerosmith – ‘Rocks’
  8. KISS – ‘Alive’
  9. Black Sabbath – ‘Master of Reality’
  10. Montrose – ‘Monstrose’

What’s your opinion on this list? (Remember it was a readers’ list, not anyone at Rolling Stone with an agenda.) Any glaring misses from your perspective?

Let me know in the comments.


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