Band of the Week: New Found Glory!

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New Found Glory is the Band of the Week.

New Found Glory, also known by the acronym of ‘NFG’, is the epitome of a pop-punk band.  Now you might be thinking, “Well isn’t NFG more ’emo’ than ‘pop-punk’?”  I’d politely reply, “No, they are most definitely pop-punk; you need to brush up on your music genres, or listen to the myriad songs from NFG and you’ll realize they are pop-punk, not emo.”

Though there is a stigma around the word ’emo’ in American culture, I am not trying to say being emo is bad for a band, or person, because there are plenty of emo bands that I adore and listen to weekly.

Now back to NFG.

NFg, New Found Glory, Pop Punk

New Found Glory performing in Australia. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

NFG is the epitome of pop-punk because nearly every song they play eschews the perfect fusion of pop music and punk rock music.  ‘All Down Hill From Here’ to ‘Failure’s Not Flattering’ to their cover of the song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ all produce the perfect pop-punk vibe. I realize those songs are in alphabetical order, not chronological – please forgive me!

New Found Glory formed in 1997 in Coral Springs, Florida, and incredibly have only had six total band members in their sixteen year run of being a band.  The only member to leave the band was Joe Marino, who was replaced by Cyrus Bolooki after NFG’s debut EP.  I find that to be astounding because there have been many bands that switch out members every other week it seems! It shows the strong bond the five guys really have within the band.

Other than the aforementioned Bolooki (drummer), other members of the band are: Chad Gilbert (guitarist), Jordan Pundik (lead vocalist), Steve Klein (guitarist), and Ian Grushka (bassist). Guitarist Gilbert has released solo material, free of charge, called What’s Eating Gilbert on vinyls. Very good stuff as well.

New Found Glory has an exhaustive discography that includes seven studio albums, three EPs, three cover albums, an upcoming EP, and 140 songs.  That’s absolutely wonderful and insane at the same time.

What are my favorite songs from the 140 songs? Man that’s tough but here are my top 5.

  1. Your Biggest Mistake
  2. Failure’s Not Flattering
  3. Oxygen
  4. Better Off Dead
  5. All Down From Here

There you have it.

What are you favorite songs from New Found Glory? Do you think they should be considered the ‘epitome of pop-punk’ or should another band receive that recognition? Let me know in the comments.


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