Musician of the Week: Dan Auerbach!

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Dan Auerbach is the ‘Musician of the Week’!  That name probably sounds familiar, and it should be familiar to those that enjoy great rock music.  Auerbach is known for his part in a band that’s kinda-sorta-very famous – he’s the guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys. Didn’t know that? Well now you do!

Auerbach was born in 1979 in Akron, Ohio. (Fun Fact: I was also born in Akron, Ohio.) At an early age, Auerbach became fascinated with music after listening to his father’s vinyl records and listening to his uncles, on his mother’s side, play bluegrass music. This makes me wish that my parents would have had a bigger influence on me with music than anything else, but I can’t change the past. Auerbach is not only limited to his guitar playing skills, but is fluent with drums, bass guitar, and the keyboard as well. He also is the producer for several bands, including The Growlers and Reigning Sound.

(Source: Wikipedia)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Now Auerbach has been in the news lately because of Jack White being a bit angry with him, but lets focus on his musical talents.  He’s exactly what a musician should be: fluent in many instruments, writes his own work, and helps direct other up and coming bands on how to perform, etc.  That is what a musician should be, though many musicians today are normally out for #1 before anything else – Auerbach, not so much. He’s a team player.

My favorite song from Auerbach’s solo work, which has only produced one album in 2009, is ‘Heartbroken, In Disrepair.’ It just elicits sound that would have been found in the 60’s or 70’s and I love it.

The video is below.

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