Rolling Stone: Best Cover Songs Over The Past Decade

In this article, Rolling Stone picks out ten cover songs from the past tens years (that’s one for each year!) and there are some interesting songs, but some songs that I believe fall flat.

Here’s the list:

  • 2004: The Postal Service cover “Against All Odds” originally by Phil Collins

I totally forgot that Phil Collins originally sang this song. Postal Service, a synth-pop group, adds that electronic feel to the Phil Collins song, but still keeps the song true to Phil Collins with the vocals.

  • 2005: The White Stripes cover “Walking With A Ghost” originally by Tegan & Sara

I honestly have never heard this song before, as I rarely have listened to Tegan & Sara, yet have listened to The White Stripes pretty thoroughly. It sounds familiar, but I just don’t believe I ever gave it a chance initially. I like Tegan & Sara’s version better (I’m listening to it right now; I had listened to the White Stripes cover moments before beginning the T&S version).

  • 2006: Twilight Singers cover “Crazy” originally by Gnarls Barkley

“Crazy” was a song that absolutely blew up in 2006. It was everywhere: video games, the radio, everyone’s MySpace page! It was an all right song with a good beat; I cannot find a full version of the Twilight Singers cover, but a 40 second video does give me a good idea on how it would sound. Nearly like a My Morning Jacket cover of “Crazy.”

  • 2007: Franz Ferdinand cover “All My Friends” originally by LCD Soundsystem

Right here is the first cover I dislike, greatly. “All My Friends” is a rather sad song, but Franz Ferdinand didn’t do much other than just slow it down, which didn’t add to the song at all, but rather made it sound terrible.

  • 2008: First Aid Kit cover “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” originally by Fleet Foxes

Right here is where both bands make this song spectacular, and in two different ways. Fleet Foxes version is very folk sounding, which I love, but the First Aid Kit give it a lovely backdoorsy (yet not folksy) sound to it. First Aid Kit did wonderful here.

  • 2009: The Flaming Lips cover “Borderline” originally by Madonna

I’ll be straightforward: I don’t like either the cover, or the original.

  • 2010: Lissie covers “Pursuit Of Happiness” originally by KiD CuDi

Fun fact: “Pursuit Of Happiness” was my first ever ring-back tone. I am now embarrassed by the fact that I had a ring-back tone.

Going to a university in Northwest Ohio, and having a plethora of Clevelanders attend the same university, I was exposed to KiD CuDi early on – I have loved his music ever since.  But there is something raw and beautiful from Lissie’s cover. It could be that I’m partial to guitars and percussion, instead of electronic sounds. Have a listen below:

  • 2011: Karen O with Trent Reznor cover “Immigrant Song” originally by Led  Zeppelin

Talk about going up against a giant, and trying not to make yourself look terrible.  This was an epic cover. I don’t know what else I can say other than that both the cover, and original song, are beyond incredible.

  • 2012: Gotye covers his own song, “Somebody That I Used To Know” but with everyone else that made covers of it on YouTube

This was cool, but shouldn’t be on this list at all. Come on Rolling Stone!

  • 2013: Darius Rucker covers “Wagonwheel” originally by Bob Dylan


I even like Darius Rucker and his impact on country music, but this is just a bad attempt. If you want to hear a good cover, listen to Old Crow Medicine Show’s cover of “Wagonwheel.”

What’s your opinion on Rolling Stone’s picks?


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