Kings Of Leon May Remove ‘Sex On Fire’ From Future Shows

In this NME article, Kings of Leon are contemplating removing the hit-single they are best known for from future set-lists.

Caleb Followill stated to Shortlist:

I would say two years back it was definitely a thing where we’d play some of our deeper-cut songs – all sorts of rarities – and people would all go get a beer or take a piss.

I would find this atrocious behavior from my fans if I were to ever rise to stardom as large as the Kings of Leon because, albeit KoL created the hit song, shouldn’t you (as a normal human) try to listen to their other music? I just find it shameful for people to be this daft.

Or as Nathan Folowill put it:

Plus, it’s fun to watch the ants marching back from the bathroom. I mean, as soon as that song is over you see people just bee-lining for the exits. And it’s like, ‘OK. You just paid £40 for one song, that’s fine.

Bandwagon fans suck. Plain and simple. If you’re going to see a band (and paying a decent amount) go listen to more of their music than just the hits. You’ll be better off for it and you will have a much better experience at the concert.

(h/t and info from NME and Shortlist)

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