Listen To Rise Against’s New Album

The band released a link through there Facebook Page stating that the album will be released next week (Tuesday to be exact), but you can listen to a preview of it at

Here is that link to the album Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000 – 2013.

As you can ascertain from the title this album has covers of songs (Springsteen, Nirvana, and Journey are a few of the many that are covered), as well as many Rise Against songs that may have been considered ‘B-side’ material when first released. Incase you’re a youngin’ and don’t quite grasp the concept of ‘B-side’ I’ll explain.

A cassete tape icon

A cassete tape icon. I can guarantee that very few children born after 1995 know what this is, or what a floppy disk is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before MP3’s and even CD’s there was thing called a cassette tape that bands sold. Typically bands would put their best, or most famous, material on the ‘A-side’ – the side that plays first. The ‘B-side’ was suited for more unknown songs, or deep cuts, that only true fans actually gave a hoot about. The reason it was a pain to get to the ‘B-side’ was that one had to either listen all the way through the ‘A-side’ to flip over to the ‘B-side’ or adjust the tape roll inside the cassette to the correct position. Eventually cassette players could fast forward it for you (which could take a minute or two – gasp!), which made it easier to listen to the ‘B-side’ of an album.  ‘B-side’ is also just synonymous for songs that are relatively unknown.

By the way, the album includes a monstrous twenty-six (26!!!!) songs. That’s incredible.

What are your favorite covers? Do you like it when bands cover other bands?