Musician Of The Week: Beck!

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Beck, born Bek David Campbell, is a music genius, and an artist.

Beck performing at Yahoo! Hack Day (09/29/2006)

Beck performing at Yahoo! Hack Day (09/29/2006) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s an incredibly tiring task to actually describe how Beck’s music sounds – which is definitely a wonderful problem.  It makes him unique, special, something quite different

than what we’re used to, but is described as ‘alternative rock’ and ‘folk.’ He is a musician that we always needed.

I knew Beck had knowledge over a vast array of instruments, but nothing like this. Beck is proficient in the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Drums
  • Harmonica
  • Percussion
  • Sitar
  • Banjo
  • Slide Guitar
  • Twelve-String Guitar
  • Glockenspiel
  • Vocoder
  • Kalimba
  • Melodica
  • Beatboxing (this is quite possibly my favorite ‘instrument’ that he’s great at!)

My god. That’s insane; absolutely unreal that he knows how to play that many instruments (and is likely amazing at each). Even most ‘musicians’ couldn’t even play a fourth of those instruments! Big props, Beck, big props.

Beck has 183 songs, 11 albums, and 1 EP to his name (an appearance in Futurama, among other shows).  He also is featured in several songs, and produces music as well.

I know what you’re going to think when I say this, but ‘Loser’ is still my favorite song by Beck. I know, I know it’s his most mainstream work and I should give credit to some of his deep cuts, but I truly like ‘Loser’ the best – I am not sure why either. The song just resonates with me (that sounds so yuppie-ish).

However, here is a song featuring Beck and Childish Gambino in a song called ‘Silk Pillow.’ Beck is in the beginning of the song and he does a great job – darker song. Have a listen.

What’s your opinion on Beck?

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2 thoughts on “Musician Of The Week: Beck!

  1. ‘Loser’ is a quality song. i haven’t listened to much of his newer stuff to be honest, i think the last album i listened to was the one with E-Pro on, which is also a decent song. But you’re right, no other musician like him.

    • I just think he puts out albums/songs and doesn’t really care to promote or market himself, not because he’s a big shot, but because he doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff.

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