What I Expect To See In My Lifetime

Here are several mix-bag events that I expect to happen throughout my lifetime (or at least partially in my lifetime), which could span several decades, or more. Chime in if you agree or disagree.

  • AIDS Vaccine (already happening)
  • Cure for most types of cancer
  • Steinbrenners sell the New York Yankees
  • Self-Driving Cars will be over 50% of the cars on the road (supposedly by 2040)
  • First Female President of The United States of America
  • First Agnostic President of The United States of America (I’m not saying the first female Prez will also be the first agnostic Prez)

    United States of America

    United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Marijuana legalization throughout the entire United States (already slowly happening)
  • Marriage Equality legalized throughout the entire United States (already happening, at a faster rate than marijuana legalization)
  • A Central African Country will host the World Cup or Summer Olympics.
  • Virtual Reality (we’re getting closer)
  • Microsoft will eventually stop making game consoles; Same with Sony. Nintendo will still be churning out game consoles.
  • Global, or at least regional currency, will be created (i.e. The Euro, but on a larger scale)
  • The extinction of Polar Bears, Pandas, Rhinos, and several other large mammals
  • A way to ‘create’ a Woolly Mammoth from a Mammoth frozen in ice (I believe they’re trying to do this now)
  • More small sovereign nations
  • Football slowly becoming America’s least favorite game; Basketball overtakes it

    English: Cleveland Browns Stadium Category:Ima...

    English: Cleveland Browns Stadium Category:Images of Cleveland, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Baseball still using archaic rules, but allowing performance enhancing drugs
  • Robotic maids, similar to Roomba, but more efficient (Don’t think of Rosie from the Jetsons though)
  • Several large scale natural disasters
  • Natural disasters that are caused from man; accidently and intentionally (see here).
  • Warfare strictly between drones
  • Apple will go bankrupt
  • Google will be richer than ever, and more invasive than ever
  • Traveling to Mars will be shorter, but there won’t be a space colony just yet
  • A super virus that will do untold damage to human life (Think Spanish Influenza damage)
  • The Cleveland Browns will have a winning season
  • The Chicago Cubs still will not have won a World Series
  • Several amendments will be made to the constiution; some ‘good’ and some ‘bad’ through the eyes of the American public
  • There will still be comic book movies made
  • You will be able to watch 3D without using any sort of eyewear

There’s 30 events, or happenings, that I believe will happen over my lifetime. Agree, disagree? Let me know in the comments.