Band of the Week: Tenacious D!

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The unorthodox, wacky duo of Tenacious D is ‘Band of the Week.’ The duo is comprised of lead guitarist and lead vocalist Jack Black, and lead guitarist and lead vocalist Kyle Gass. Let’s just say they’re legitimately a duo because each member does roughly the same amount of work. When creating their in studio albums a somewhat known talent, Dave Grohl, plays drums for the duo; Bad Religion’s Brooks Wackerman plays the drums for the duo while on tour.  John Konesky (guitarist) and John Spiker (bassist) round out the rest of the group when it’s in a full lineup.

The typical touring lineup is shown here. (Source: Wikipedia)

The typical touring lineup is shown here. (Source: Wikipedia)

Here is Tenacious D’s website.

What I love about Tenacious D is their approach to music. It isn’t formulaic, it isn’t boring to them, it isn’t just your typical music (from lyrics to the actual music), and it isn’t something you’d likely hear on the radio (Tenacious D can be considered quite crude to some listeners). They will sing about whatever they feel like, and they will play/sing it like the fantastic musicians that they are – seriously, they’ll make clever music out of nearly any topic.

Sad Realization: I used to believe Jack Black and Kyle Gass were brothers because they were both round guys and it didn’t seem like it was too far of a stretch to believe that. I was very wrong.

The duo only has three albums:

  • Tenacious D (2001)
  • The Pick Of Destiny (2006)
  • The Rize Of The Fenix (2012)

Yet every album is filled with goodies, as well as seven skits in their debut album.  Though one of my favorite Tenacious D songs is a bit ‘obscene to some’ (even in the title), so I will refrain from putting it on here, but you likely know what song that is.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Kickapoo
  • Kyle Quit The Band
  • Classical Teacher
  • Rock is Dead
  • Karate

(That isn’t all my favorites just a brief list; Tenacious D has a total of 54 songs!)

I have yet to actually see their movie – I’ve only seen parts – and I feel like I’m missing out tremendously on some great music and some great humor.

Here’s Kickapoo (vulgar words, but you should expect that with Tenacious D):

What’s your opinion of Tenacious D? Should they garner more attention because of their unorthodox type of music?

Let me know in your comments.